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Fairfax Public Library - Internet Access Policy

We are pleased to offer patrons of the Fairfax Public Library access to the Internet. Access to this technology can lead to economic development and improved quality of life, especially in rural communities. We have added Wi-Fi to the library and it is free to anyone. This works inside and outside for all electronics that need Internet service.
The Fairfax Library runs a filter program so that porn is inaccessible. This is a law that went into effect a few years ago. The Library staff are available to assist you in your use of the workstations, but cannot provide in-depth training concerning Internet jargon or personal computer use.
The rules and regulations contained herein have been established by the Board of the Fairfax Public Library.
The purpose of this guide is to establish policies and procedures which will serve as a guide for the use of the public access to the Internet provided by the Town of Fairfax and the Fairfax Public Library.
The Internet provided by the Fairfax Public Library shall be available to all persons and citizens without discrimination and on equal basis. All use of the Internet shall be subject to the supervision and control of Fairfax Public Library employees. Any person may be restricted on his or her use of the Internet access or denied use of the Internet access at the discretion of the Fairfax Public Library employees and it's Board.
Fairfax Public Library - Internet Access Policy - Rules and Regulations

1. Every user of the Internet access provided by the Fairfax Public Library shall have a current and clear (all fines paid and overdue books returned) library card in his or her name.

 2. Persons desiring to use the Internet access shall register for use at the circulation desk located in the Fairfax Public Library.

 3. Before Internet access is permitted to a juvenile (15 and under), a "Release of Liability for Internet Access" must be signed by a parent or guardian. All release forms must be signed in the library in the presence of a Librarian.

 4. The user will be limited to one hour unless no one is waiting to use the computer. No phone reservations may be made.

 5. Due to limited staff, children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who must sit with the child during computer use.

 6. Use of pornographic or sexual materials is prohibited; this includes any that is sent to your personal email, facebook, youtube, etc.

 7. Copies may be made from the computers at the price posted.

 8. The use of the Internet is a privilege, not a right and inappropriate use will result in the cancellation of the persons Internet privilege. Cancellation will be for a period to be determined by the Librarian. Cancellation of Internet privileges will occur if the user does not observe legal and ethical guidelines with regard to use. Types of unacceptable use include, but are not limited to the following:

A. Harassment of other computer users. This includes, but is not limited to, willfully using visuals and sounds which might be disruptive or offensive to others in the library.

 B. Destruction of or damage to equipment, software, or data belonging to the library, or other library users. This includes, but is not limited to, uploading or creation of computer viruses. These will cause the police to be notified.

 C. Use of the Internet computers for commercial business ventures.

 D. Use of the workstation for product advertisement or political lobbying.

9. The Fairfax Public Library is not responsible for damage to a patron's disk or computer, or for any loss of data, damage, or liability that may occur from patron use.
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